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Honey Lawson

The 10 Minutes a Day Bootcamp FREE Trial

You're busy, tired but wired, want the best for your body and mind but there's just not enough time in the day! 

If this sounds like you, then The 10 Minutes a Day Bootcamp could be just what you need...

Be prepared to challenge your beliefs as well as your body.

Try out two of our 10 minute workouts, and listen to two of our inspirational calls for free!

Stop watch

Listen to two of our 10 minute calls - one from Janey Holliday around body image, and one from me talking about the female beauty myth. You can listen on the go, at home, or whilst you've gone out for a power walk! 


Try two of our 10 minute workouts that you can do anywhere! Challenge your glutes and your arms in these fab video workouts that help you to build a strong foundation for your body. 

Grow stronger in your body and you mind, and join a community of like minded when when you sign up to the full 12 week program

Honey Lawson

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